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Art inspired by flowers

Inspired by flowers

Long Pink Bouquet

No. 564. 20x60 cm. A deliquet bouquet on a long canvas. White background. Handmade wooden frame included. 
80 €. 600 dkr.


Pink Flower II

No. 553. 30x30 cm. A delicate pink flower. There is no text on the painting. 
60: €. 450 dkr

Forget Me Not

No. 484. 40x40 cm. Blue, turquoise and gold. Including frame in antique silver.
120 €. 900 dkr. 
Sale: -25%

Delicate blue flower

No. 472. 30x30 cm. Airy flower in blue, turquoise and gold.
60 €. 450 dkr.

Blue Flower 2

No. 462. 30x30 cm. Airy blue flower -or snow flake with beautiful cells in the center.
60 €. 450 dkr.

Red Bouquets

292 a-c. 18x24 cm and 24x30 cm. Together or on its own.
40 €/ 300 dkr each for the small ones.  54 €/ 400 dkr for the big one. 

Spartling blue flower

No. 490. 30x30 cm. Shades of blue, some metalic.
60 €. 450 dkr.

Blue Flower 1

No. 484. 30x30 cm. Blues and gold. Including frame in antique gold.
74 €. 550 dkr.

Blue and turquoise flower wine.

 No. 312. 40x40 cm. Shades of blue and turquoise on a split white and turquoise background.
107 €. 850 dkr.
Sale: - 25 %

All paintings have a glossy top coat with UV protection. (If not it is mentioned in the description of the piece)  

Shipping is not included. Taxes may apply.

Please e-mail for further information. Kontakt@lulkunst.DK

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