LUL kunst

Unique art for your walls

Pieces with circles, rings and swirls.


No. 431. 40x40 cm. Black and white. Simplistic and effective. Black frame included. 
134 €. 1000 dkr.


No. 432. 40x40 cm. Sort og hvidt. Stylish and simplistic. Goes well with Mindfullness. Black floating frame included.
134 €. 1000 dkr.

Drama Green

No. 409. 30x30 cm. Radiant iridescent green.
60 €. 450 dkr. 


No. 375. 30x30 cm. This painting won an award in an online contest. 
60 €. 450 dkr. 


No. 423. 50x50 cm. Black, red, gold and cobber. Black frame included at reduced price due to minor flaws from exhibitions. 
174 €. 1300 dkr. 


Small Blue Circum I & II

No. 479 og 483. 20 cm. They really complement each other. Framed canvas.
47 €/ 3450 dkr each.

Blue Circum

No. 473. 30 cm framed canvas. I love the depth.
607 €. 500 dkr.


No. 419. 50x50 cm. Green shades with black. Black frame included.
201 €. 1500dkr.


No. 361. 40x40 cm. Green blue shades.
114 €. 850 dkr.


No. 505. 50x50 cm. Like a big blue green ocean.
335 €. 2500 dkr.


No. 493. 60cm framed canvas. Get an abstract river in your living room. 
241 €. 1800dkr.
Sale: - 50% (The canvas is a bit floppy). 

All paintings have a glossy top coat with UV protection. (If not it is mentioned in the description of the piece)  

Shipping is not included. Taxes may apply.

Please e-mail for further information. Kontakt@lulkunst.DK

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